Customized Financial Advice

Analyzing Your Financial Situation

Additionally, Saikali Portfolio Management offers a variety of options for portfolio management, with choices that differ based on the investor’s desired level of involvement.

We provide customized financial advice and a variety of services including, but not limited to:

  • A complete overview and analysis of your financial situation, culminating in the formation of a financial plan and an Investment Policy Statement
  • Recommendation of an appropriate strategic asset allocation strategy
  • Portfolio design and security selection which are specific to your personal objectives
  • Ongoing monitoring and periodic rebalancing of your portfolio
  • Regular contact, meetings and reports to review your portfolio and ensure that you are on track toward achieving your investment goals

We use the following criteria to make recommendations for your portfolio:

  • The fit of the proposed investment with your overall investment goals and other portfolio holdings
  • The investment style and discipline of fund managers of any proposed funds
  • An objective assessment of security risks and rewards