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Written by Nitin Manohar
June 15, 2017

June is here, and it’s a busy time of year for us all – families, business owners, professionals and retirees alike. It’s a time to look ahead and focus on your goals, whether they’re financial, a major professional milestone or simply taking a family vacation this summer. As always, our team is here to support clients as they plan for the future they desire. Tell us what you’re planning – you may be surprised how we can help!

From start-ups to established professionals and from young couples to intergenerational families, my team has always been dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized wealth management services and a very high level of client care. We pride ourselves in being available to our clients, developing genuine relationships over time and providing financial advice that makes a real impact in their lives. We care about our clients, and we’re passionate about their success.

You may have started working with us because of our expertise in corporate structure and tax minimization strategies, or because we understand the needs of executives, entrepreneurs and families. As the foremost corporate finance expert in the Ottawa region, we represent some of Ontario and Quebec’s premiere business owners and their families. You may not be working with us yet, but are looking for guidance and evaluating your options. We welcome prospective clients to arrange a consultation by phone or in office, where we can communicate directly and identify your needs.

With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment and introduce some new platforms that we’re introducing: Facebook, Twitter, and an increased presence on LinkedIn.

By connecting more frequently (and at your leisure) on social media, I hope we will be able to provide useful, informative financial information as well as community news. You’ll see weekly market commentary posts, interesting news articles throughout the week, blog posts from our team and community event information. We hope you’ll take some time to read our blog, check out our social media channels and share your feedback – what topics are you interested in? What questions do you have about personal or corporate finance? Are you a medical professional with complex wealth management needs? Ask us whatever’s on your mind, and we can answer directly or through our blog. With over 20 years of experience, our team has a lot to share and is pleased to offer this knowledge to you.

If you’re a client, you’re already familiar with our personalized, strategic approach, our strong values and above all, the results we achieve. If you’re just getting to know us, please connect with our team however you are most comfortable – by phone, email, or simply following us on social media. We look forward to hearing from you, and determining whether or not our services are the right fit for your business or family. Thanks for reading, and see you on Facebook!