Why Ottawa is a great place to run a medical practice

The demand for physicians remains high

Written by Nitin Manohar
November 2, 2017

There are plenty of reasons to love working and living in Ottawa. We have a great sense of community here, access to wonderful amenities, fantastic businesses and great schools at every level. There are a variety of professional opportunities, but as I’ve learned through my work with Ottawa’s medical community, this is a great place to run a medical practice. Whether you’re a physician, a chiropractor, a pharmacist or a naturopath, Ottawa is ideal for setting up a private practice or growing your career as part of a major institution.

What makes Ottawa so great for doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals?

Ottawa, along with surrounding suburbs like Kanata and Nepean, is home to many individuals and families. It’s also home to several universities, including Carleton and the University of Ottawa. With a great demographic mix that includes students, young families, boomers and senior citizens, there is a need for doctors and specialists throughout the city and surrounding area. A 2016 report noted that there are approximately 84,000 doctors in Canada – that’s 230 doctors for every 100,000 Canadians. While the number of doctors is steadily growing – in fact, faster than the general population is – the demand for physicians remains high.

Ottawa also offers medical career options. If you’re a doctor, you can set up a private practice or find a role at one of our many reputable medical facilities, such as The Ottawa Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, University of Ottawa Heart Institute and more. If you’re interested in teaching medicine or working with residents, Ottawa is the perfect place, as the University of Ottawa is home to a fantastic medical school. Local universities also offer studies in biopharmaceutical science, audiology, physiotherapy, speech language pathology and more, making it a great place to practice or teach those disciplines.

Working in a university town has its benefits as well. Medical professionals have access to exceptional technology, research, colleagues and resources from our teaching hospitals and cutting-edge clinics. There are professional assets here that simply aren’t available in rural or more remote areas – and, you don’t have to move to Toronto or Vancouver to get them.

At the end of the day, Ottawa is a great place to live and raise your own family. The professional opportunities for medical professionals and small business owners are fantastic, and the work-life balance and amenities cinch the deal.

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